A Quick Update On My Life!

I haven't publicly shared much in a while for a few reasons. 

#1. I don't want to ONLY share the highlights or the good things that are happening in my life because I don't want people to think that my life's a steady incline and that everything is white wine and butterflies.

#2. but I don't want to elaborate on the "bad" for too long because I have a new way of thinking and I know the more attention you give to something (whether it's GOOD or BAD) the more it expands. (this is so conflicting for me because i do like to talk about the struggle and how to get past it!)

#3.There's some stuff I can't share. Jobs I get, auditions I go to, etc. I sign a lot of non-disclosures and the last thing I want to do is get in trouble — or sued. 

SOOO unfortunately over the last few months I've shared almost nothing! But that's not what I'm about. I want to help people anyway I can which is why I've come back to my blog. If you want to know what's happened in the past few months, keep reading!

The TLDR version of the past 8 months.

I could honestly write an entire book about this year.  

From September to early January 2018, I was managing social media for Koffee Organics (an organic coffee scrub company based in Moncton, run by Estelle Doiron). I was also doing as much background work as possible.

This combination allowed me to pay rent! Aaaaand not much else. Life was a little stressful because background work is sporadic and pay checks are inconsistent. 

After I left for Florida around Christmas, I stopped doing background work. My partnership with Koffee Organics ended in early January.  

From January to April, I worked as a brand ambassador at random events, mostly with Mosaic. I also taught Chinese kids english online through a program called QKids every morning from 6 am to 9 am. In February/March, I was in discussion with an agent from a reputable Toronto agency (I was even sent some sides to film and send back) but it didn't work out and I was pretty bummed. 

*Side note: pay checks from brand ambassador work can be even more sporadic than background work. I also ran into into a few issues with Qkids which resulted in me not getting paid on time so I was really stressed out during the month of March. 

From January to April, I applied to a variety of different jobs (I even applied for a few "big girl" jobs at Shopify) with no luck. In one situation, I had four interviews over a three month period for a part-time, minimum wage job at a clothing store which I did not get. In late April, that same store contacted me again to ask if I could meet up for a chat because they were hiring again. I politely declined.  

On April 17, after a phone interview and two in-person interviews, I was hired for a minimum wage job at a big department store in Toronto. This was one of the best things that happened to me this year. 

Two weeks after I got hired at the department store, I got signed with my agency. I felt on top of the world. I was going to be making a consistent pay check AND I had an agent. I didn't think life could get any better. 

This just goes to show that when you feel good, good things WILL happen to you. I was feeling so excited that I got a job and had an agent, and after that, things just started getting better and better. 

Working regularly after having inconsistent work for so long helped me feel confident again. When I was sitting at home with not much to do or no where to go, I sometimes felt really lost and wondered what my purpose was. However, throughout that time, I was thankful for everything I had (which is A LOT when you break it down). 

I learned to be thankful for the tiny things, and that in every moment, there's a gift if you look for it. I also learned that I am 100 per cent in control of my life and can literally do whatever I want.

A milestone 

June 2018 I was cast in commercial through my agency!!! It was for a skincare brand. 

In July, I realized that the job at the department store was no longer working out for me for a few different reasons (mainly because of scheduling conflicts — my job was almost an hour commute away and I was getting multiple auditions a week and it was getting hard to juggle everything) and also because I was working very hard and the pay did not reflect the work. 

My dad always told me "work smarter, not harder" so I took his mantra and found a new job. 

A few weeks ago, I got a job at the COOLEST restaurant next to where I live. It's called Impact Kitchen. I didn't sign a NDA for this so I'm excited to tell you all about it. 

It's a half-service restaurant that caters to people who like to eat healthy and stay active! It's gluten-free and they serve different protein bowls, smoothies & most importantly...coffee! 

I couldn't ask for a better part-time job. Working somewhere that's literally a two minute walk from where I live has made my life a lot easier. I save a lot of time, and money. Not to mention, I'm able to juggle auditions much easier now.

SIDE NOTE!! From July - August I took a really great on-camera acting class with John Gordon at his studio. It's a 4 hour class and it's something I really enjoyed and learned from. highly RECOMMENDED!!!

Last week, I picked up another job at a restaurant in the Distillery district. I'll be serving again (which I swore I'd never go back to) but I'm actually pretty excited. I've arranged my schedule so that everything works out, and most importantly, I'm putting myself first. 

So as of now, I'm working two jobs, filming self-tapes, going to auditions every week, and watching a lot of Netflix at night (WATCH THE SINNER). That's my life. I'll be taking a new acting class in September as well. 

When I have some free time, I like to call my parents, my sisters and my grandparents. When I have a free day, I like to hangout by the pool, spend time with Marcus,  go to a dance class, plan dream vacations, go to Toronto Island, or see some friends. 

I haven't had a lot of time for exercise lately (only once or twice a week...unfortunately) but I walk everywhere which helps. My eating habits are kind of sucky right now. Groceries don't last long between Marcus and I. We're both pretty lazy when it comes to cooking (not to mention, we have opposite schedules). 

The past 8 months I've been on a crazy, exciting rollercoaster. Before I got on it, I didn't know where I was going, but now I do. I'm tired, but I'm happy, excited and just getting started.