The Intro: Why I'm Changing My Blog

I haven't posted anything since May because I have been feeling super uninspired and almost disappointed in myself and in parts of the Instagram/blogging world. 

The truth is, for the past few months I've been writing articles on my blog that I thought would get me a lot of attention. And when that attention didn't come, or didn't come fast enough, I would get upset or my mood would change in a negative way. I spent a lot of time writing things that I think other people would like and totally neglected my love for proper story telling and honesty. I started feeling fake and as if I wasn't contributing anything to the world. I was writing in a tone that sounded like everyone else. 

The problem is, I don't want to be like everyone else, I want to be like me. 

I write for a variety of blogs that are all pretty similar to mine and focus on fashion, health, and lifestyle. When it came time to create content for my myself, I found it very challenging to be creative and compete with the other things I was writing. Sometime I would come up with blog ideas for my own blog but end up writing them for another one just so I could get paid or have more exposure. 

Because of that, my own content started getting sloppy and the quality of my writing went down. I was spreading myself too thin. 

I took a looooooong break and decided to change the entire vibe of my website. 

From now on, I'll be posting more things about my life. 

Sometimes you'll read about my thoughts or opinions (which I don't share often because I'm a people pleaser) and sometimes you'll read about my experiences. 

From the outside, I have a very interesting and exciting life but the struggles I face everyday ARE SO REAL. Only people who are close to me know about them, but I'm prepared to share some of them with you guys, too. The more we share with each other, and the more honest we can be, the better we'll get? 

That didn't make much sense, but please just know that my life is super far from perfect. 

Fashion, lifestyle, and health blogs will also make appearances again, but on my own terms. Interviews, Q&A's and profiles will also be available eventually too. 

I don't have a specific schedule for my blog, but I'm going to try to write as much as possible. Writing has always been therapeutic to me up until a few months ago. I want to get back to that. 

However, whatever I write about, I promise it will always be the full truth. I don't want to just talk about the good, I want to talk about the bad too. 

ALSO, I feel like we should know each other better. I never really talk about myself or my experiences online, so before I go, here are some things you should know about me. 

1. I LOVE spicy food

2. I have two younger sisters (15 & 19) and a half brother (24) 

3. Drake is my favourite rapper, forever

4. At the moment, Rhianna is my biggest fashion inspiration (but this changes periodically!) 

5. BBQ nachos, pad tai, and smoked salmon are favourite things to eat 

6. My favourite stores are Forever 21 and Zara

7. I've applied to Big Brother Canada four times and made it to the semi-final round of auditions three times

8. I don't like sad songs and I never listen to them 

9. One of my favourite movies is Selena  

10. I'm an introvert but I can also be extremely social 

11. I'm an optimist and try to stay as positive as possible in every situation 

12. I brush my teeth about five times a day 

13. I wash my face every night NO MATTER WHAT 

14. If I don't drink a ton of water every day throughout the day I feel weak and dizzy 

15. My mom is the best motivator I know 

16. My dad is the hardest worker I know 

17. I live in Toronto, and I love it

18. Travelling is essential to my health 

19. I'm very sensitive 

20. I'm a Christian

Thanks for reading, 

- Alex