December 4th

When someone invites you into their home, they usually clean it and try to make it look perfect. 

The same can be said for blogs. 

I took another break from blogging (surprise surprise) because I was trying to figure out ways to make it look aesthetically pleasing like all the other bloggers I know! 

But now I finally understand that I am NOT your traditional blogger. I'm never going to fit into that mold. 

My intention was never to invite you to my blog. It's always been to bring you into my world. To see things the way I do! 

If I were to clean my entire condo, put on a super cute outfit, and take pictures of my food and coffees, it would almost be a lie because my life isn't Instagram pretty. It's pretty in different ways. 

And please don't think I'm hating on all of the bloggers who make their blogs look amazing. I applaud you. I wish I could be like you (I've tried) but it didn't work, so now I'm going to do it a different way. 

So with that, I decided to invite you into my space as it is, the way I live in it (no cleaning, rearranging, or outfit changes). I took a bunch of photos from my day. Under each picture, you'll read an interesting fact about my life ATM. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Grunge shirt

Last Wednesday I cut my hair and dyed it darker (shoutout to Lone & Co...I'm obsessed with everything you guys did!)

The shirt I'm wearing is a size XXXL and it was $5. 


work space

This is where I work on Koffee Organics, submit myself for roles, FaceTime my family, drink my coffee, watch movies, analyze scripts, and write. I usually rotate from the couch to the floor and back to the couch again. 

The stainless steel mug in the background is one of my faves. I bought it after using a similar one at Blonde Inc. 

I have multiple notepads. Each serves a different purpose, and I almost never leave the house without them. 


Every day when I wake up, I read this book. It's all about the power of gratitude and how being grateful for everything can change your life and bring you what you want. 



Every single morning, after I read Magic, I write 10 things I'm grateful for. Yesterday I watched Home Alone and felt so grateful because it reminds me of being home with my family. 

Today I was especially grateful for my dad because it's his birthday! 

And every single day I'm thankful for my health because without it, I wouldn't be able to do much. 

Grown up things

I spent the day sorting out my finances and I'm not done but I'm proud of myself for doing it.

Each envelope is filled with pay stubs from different production companies.  


All of my jewelry. I try to keep it nice and neat but it usually looks like this! I found those blue aviators on the ground at Cabana Pool Bar. 

My mini Christmas tree. All decorations are from the Dollarama. I'm going to Florida for Christmas because my family moved there officially in November. 

books and notepads

My very mini library. A lot of my books are still in Fredericton and Florida. The last book I read is called The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn lived a difficult life (especially in childhood), she suffered from mental illnesses, and I think it's truly amazing she became the star we know today. 

She's one of my newest idols. 


Currently obsessed with Miguel's new album. Also listened to Revival (Selena Gomez) today.


Little homemade Christmas decorations. Jar full of bows, and jar of chocolates. All from the Dollarama. 

Alex Vautour

Something really great that happened this week? I found out I got a part in a short film where I get to play someone who's the complete opposite of myself. And I have to light a cigarette which I've never done before so I'm pumped but slightly nervous because I don't want to look awkward.