13 Important Lessons I Learned in 2017

2017 was a pivotal year for me, and without getting into too much detail, here's TLDR version of year. 

Started working for an amazing startup. found my long lost twin lion friend. traveled to three new places. moved to a major city with my boyfriend. switched career paths. lost a family member to suicide. started dancing again. found my true passion. had my first audition. negotiated my first business deal. became self-employed. worked on an award-winning show. My immediate family moved to Florida thus Florida becoming my new "home" base. 

I've learned so many lessons that I'm still incorporating into my daily life (and which I plan to continue following forever!) 

Everything that has happened in 2017 has prepared me for 2018. Here is a list of some of the lessons I've learned during the past 12 months! 

Somewhere in Tampa/ Clearwater

Somewhere in Tampa/ Clearwater


1. The law of attraction is certain - what you put out is what will come back to you

This includes your thoughts, your words, your actions, and your intention.

If you are always thinking negatively, that's what's going to come back to you. If you're mean to someone, it will come back to you one way or another. 

But if your intentions are good, and your words and thoughts are positive, you'll see a big difference in your day to day life. Eliminate all negativity. 

2. Gratitude is everything, and acknowledging what you're grateful for everyday will make your life so much better

The more thankful you are for what you already have, the more you will receive. There are so many things we take for granted. Our health, the air in which we breath that keeps us alive, the beautiful and SAFE country we live in, the food we eat every day, HAVING ACCESS TO RUNNING WATER AND A TOILET. Be thankful for everything and your world will expand. 

3. You are WAY more powerful than you can even imagine

I'm going to quote Steve Harvey. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Your thoughts create your life. If you expect good things to come, they will. Don't believe me? Listen to Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Oprah, Will Smith. I can keep going. 

4. You shouldn't have to feel stressed in order to feel like you've accomplished something great

I used to be the girl who would stay up all night, work three jobs, have like five projects on the go and feel like I'm the verge of a breaking point for weeks on end until I finally accomplished whatever I was doing. Life shouldn't be like that. 

You should NOT have to feel extremely stressed in order to feel like you've done something great. After I moved to Toronto and started getting acting jobs, I never really felt like I accomplished anything because it didn't feel stressful. There weren't really any tears, or bad sleeps, so I didn't see it as a huge accomplishment until my mom pointed out that that's how it's SUPPOSED to be. 

Sure, it was hard, but a different kind of hard. It's hard to explain but just know that you don't have to feel like you're on the verge of a mental breakdown to feel like you've done something great. 

5. Be thankful for your body and you'll see a change

If you're unhappy with your body (because I know a lot of people are) try being thankful for it instead. 

The more negatively you think about yourself, the worse you're going to look (in your eyes) and feel. It's amazing how much a body can change when you are THANKFUL for what you have. 

6. Maritimers really are THE friendliest people in the world

After moving to Toronto, I quickly understood that people from the East Coast (the real East Coast) are the friendliest crew around. 

7. You'll never regret following your dreams

You'll only regret that you never tried. If you want it, you can do it. 

8. It's never too late to change your mind

Just because you went to school for one thing (or never went to school at all!) or dedicated your life to one passion doesn't mean you have to do that one thing forever. And it also doesn't define who you are. It doesn't matter if you 18, 30, 45, or 80 years old. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND AND DO DIFFERENT THINGS OR TRY SOMETHING ELSE. 

9. And you don't have to pick just one thing

You want to be a filmmaker, and a doctor? You can do both. You want to be a dancer, a motivational speaker, and have your own business? You can do all three. There are no rules. You're the only thing that's holding you back. If there's a will, there's a way. 

10. Vacations are absolutely necessary

Take a break when you need it. Go somewhere warm. Drink a bunch of mojitos. Recharge your batteries. Have fun. Make a new friend, talk to different people. Don't worry about money (p.s., worrying about money only decreases your money. Law of attraction makes sure of that.

11. Speak up and do something when you see someone being treated bad

If you're in a situation where someone is being made fun of, being disrespected, humiliated, bullied, assaulted, etc. and it's safe for you to step in and help, DO IT.  If it's not safe, find someone who can help (including the police). Don't stay silent, and don't be a bystander. You could be saving a life. Being silent makes you just as bad as the perpetrator. Just do something. 

12. It's not important what other people think of you. It's only important what YOU think of you. You don't have to impress anyone

Your self-love will shine through to others. Who care what others think. Especially strangers! Really though. 

13. Stop listening to other people's opinions on what THEY think YOU should be doing with your life. 

It's YOUR life, not theirs. Take everything with a grain of salt. Don't do something just because someone said they think you'd like it or you'd be good at it. Only YOU know what you want. Listen to yourself.